TouchMonitor Custom Rack Mount at NDR


With broadcasters around the world in mind, we provide plenty of possibilities to create custom solutions. You can customize any TouchMonitor for suiting specific needs – from the visual layout of the meter screens over a vast range of physical IO options to how it should be mounted.

While we offer a large range of mounting options, sometimes you may have needs that are just too unique to have been catered for.

In such cases, you can purchase our so-called OEM versions: Meters that come with no housing.

This allows you to create your own solutions, which was exactly what German broadcaster NDR, Norddeutscher Rundfunk, did for their mobile radio broadcast truck.

In their solution, two TM3 meters are mounted right next to a TM7 in a super-slick, custom-made rack.

Sound producer Sebastian Struck explains:

“We needed reliable metering for the first and second transmission lines and for the stereo mix of the DHD mixing desk. The space inside the truck is limited so a special rack was constructed for the purpose.”


Sound engineer Sebastian Struck in front of the custom made TouchMonitor rack

The rack housing the two TM3s and the TM7 also fits the USB connectors of each meter on the front plate. This allows easy access to use USB keys for updating firmware, handling logging data or transferring presets.


Lots of metering in a compact space